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Macclesfield Tutorial College is an independent college which offers students the opportunity to study GCSE, GCE AS and Advanced Level courses.  The range of subjects is extensive and the college has an excellent staff of experienced teachers. At Macclesfield Tutorial College  we believe that it is the quality of teaching together with conscientious and diligent study that can produce an exceptional educational outcome. Our tutors’ inspiring approach to education allows students their best prospect of academic success.

The Tutorial College is open to all ages of student.

GCSE courses are usually taken nationally at age sixteen and AS at seventeen and A2 at eighteen, but there is no age restriction at MTC, and younger and older are encouraged to partake in such courses.  However the number of places open to under sixteen is limited to five .  The college’s stimulating learning environment encourages students to gain the qualifications that they need to progress to higher education, the professions and wider employment. Education is a continual process, as students are constantly developing their interests. It our responsibility as educators to fulfil the needs of our students and all are encouraged take an informed interest in their career prospects.

The college has been especially successful in preparing candidates for veterinary science and medicine. It has also aided good University graduates to gain acceptance to courses in medicine by gaining excellent grades in Chemistry and/or Biology GCE A Level within one year of post-graduate study.

Macclesfield Tutorial College has a friendly and supportive environment which encourages self esteem and motivation in students. The aim is to teach to the highest standard so students reach their full potential. Everybody at the college is treated with a high level of respect, which means that students are motivated to learn and regard the educational experience as integral to their future prospects.

‘After many years in education, it is my belief that good quality teachers, who already have a love of their subject, perform better when they are allowed more autonomy in the way they teach and present their subject. Macclesfield Tutorial College has an excellent staff who are supportive and creative, whose teaching priority is to maximise the performance of their students by inspiring them with their own love of a subject. We offer flexibility and quality as well as expediency to those in a hurry. The tutors’ experience and dedication to their students is evident in our students’ successes at Macclesfield Tutorial College.’ : Mr Furphy (Principal)