Maths is a core building block for future learning...

Students who have not achieved a pass (grade 4 or above) in either Maths or English, but have continued onto post-16 study, are required to either re-sit their GCSEs or equivalent level Functional Skills exams. This change has further emphasised the need for satisfactory results in each subject first time round.

Our team of highly qualified mathematics tutors have a wealth of experience in the many diverse areas of Mathematics.

With a range of subject and level specialists, we are able to place the right tutor with students in order for them to reach their target grades or higher. One to one tuition enables a student to work at their own pace with on hand support whilst exploring new mathematical concepts strategically through examples and repetition.

We have tutors dedicated to working with Primary students who are encouraged to have confidence and understanding, and to enhance fluency in their numerical skills, whilst those preparing to sit A-Levels Mathematics will receive support in their logic and reasoning skills with emphasis on examination preparation and revision guidance.

I just wanted to share with you Jude’s maths result. He got an A! Of course we were very proud and Jude relieved and happy! Thank you for your help.


MTC Customer