MTC Education has many years of experience teaching Science across GCSE and A/AS Levels, whether that is Combined Science or Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate disciplines.

Just a little thank you for all the help and encouragement you have given me over the last 12 months. There is no way I would have got as far as I did in Chemistry without you as a teacher. I am amazed at how well I did in the exams.


MTC chemistry student

With the curriculum shifting towards a heightened emphasis on the importance of practical skills, the need for good understanding and interpretation of practical and laboratory work has increased. Going forwards, a minimum of 15% of marks within Science question papers will be awarded through questions regarding practical work and the necessary skills within them.

Science tuition at the College is supported by the use of our fully equipped laboratory enabling students to carry out experiments to support their studies and to learn laboratory skills at their own pace.

Our Science tutors are experts in their chosen fields across the three sciences – Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Their belief is that practical work is central to good science qualifications. Each of our tutors is dedicated to engaging and motivating students with a hands-on science education. The tutors in this area are passionate and experienced, having taught in a variety of schools and universities.

GCE Science Practical Requirements

Practical skills feature prominently whichever board and specification you choose but the precise requirements may vary. Visit our GCE Science Practical Requirements page for more information about exam board structures and the MTC Practicals Packages which will help you develop the necessary laboratory skills and confidence.

Thank you for all your Chemistry help! It made such a difference, I finally got my results and ended up with the right grades to go and study osteopathy!


MTC chemistry student

I studied for my chemistry A level at the college with one of your tutors 5 years ago and I never properly thanked you. I’m about to graduate dental school and it would never have been possible without the help the tutor gave me. He was very understanding and patient.


MTC chemistry student