The fees below are for individual private tuition in The College. Please add £5.50 per visit for all home tuition.

Hourly Rate/£ 45 min Rate/£
Juniors (up to 10yrs old) from 24.00 from 18.00
Common Entrance from 24.00 from 18.00
Years 7-9 from 25.00 from 18.75
Year 10 from 30.90 from 22.90
GCSE/Year 11 from 32.90 from 24.75
GCSE Maths or Sciences/Year 11 from 34.90 from 25.50
GCSE ICT from 36.70
Sports Science from 35.70
A Level from 35.00
A Level Maths or Sciences from 35.80
A Level Economics or Business Studies from 38.00
Further Maths from 39.90
A Level ICT/Computer Science from 45.70
A Level Sports Science from 39.90
Undergraduate work/Professional from 45.00
Professional ICT from 55.80
Basic ICT from 32.70
EFL from 29.00
A Level Science Practical Practice (Tutor to be booked for 3 hrs) from 250.00

Please note that certain subjects, or topics within certain subjects, will not translate effectively to online tuition (Eg. the teaching of science practical skills) and may require a student to attend lessons in the College. Any such lessons would not qualify for Online Lesson fees.


Hourly Rate/£
GCSE from 25.00
A Level from 28.00

For fees for adult tuition for GCSE and A Levels, please see the Individual Private Tuition fees section. The fees for adult language classes are as follows.

Hourly Rate/£
French, German, Spanish from 27.90
Dutch, Italian, Polish, Greek, Latin from 30.80
Chinese, Japanese, Russian from 35.00

Groups are classed as 2 to 4 people studying the same subject.

Per person Per 1 Hour Lesson/£
Junior Fees (11 or Under) from 15.00
Years 7-10 from 16.50 (Maths/Science +£1)
GCSE Year 11 from 18.00 (Maths/Science +£1)
AS/A Level from 21.00
Adult Languages from 16.00

For companies, either on company premises or in The College. For groups of up to 6 people.

Hourly Rate/£
Business French/German/Spanish from 47.50
EFL from 47.50
Translation from £47 per 1000 words (min charge £47)
Educational Consultancy from £45/hour
Dyslexia Testing from £770

MTC Education reserves the right to amend these prices at any time.