Why Should I Consider Private Tuition?

Why Should I Consider Private Tuition?

Thanks for all your help this year. Tutoring is great!

Sally and Matthew

MTC Customers

Private Tuition from MTC offers experienced teachers who are often teaching the chosen subject to both full and part-time students. We have built our reputation on high-quality individual private tuition for Primary, SATs, Entrance Exams, GCSE and A Levels. Students are individually taught on a one-to-one basis with either a subject expert or a specialist teacher for a particular age range.

MTC has been providing private tuition for over 25 years and has given each student the benefit of tailor-made instruction. Students come to us for after-school private tuition at the College or we can provide private tuition in your own home, face to face or online. In all cases, students receive support and teaching from a specialist, enabling them to reach their full academic potential.

Students attending at all levels will learn good study habits, and will have the support of subject tutors who will provide encouragement at every stage of the learning process. We have experience of preparing students of all ages for their GCSEs, A Levels and examination entry and can also provide Easter revision courses and short courses for external candidates.

MTC provides private tuition in an ideal environment for students to develop their understanding of a subject with a specialist and improve their grades.

Some simple facts:

  • Exam results of boys receiving extra tuition went up by almost THREE QUARTERS of a GCSE GRADE
  • Pupils that are privately tutored improve by around FIVE MONTHS over the course of a year
  • A poll of more than 2,500 11 to 16 year olds in England and Wales revealed that almost a quarter had received private or home tuition
  • 28% of UK families consider schools to be providing inadequate support for their children and therefore use private education
  • THREE QUARTERS of all US universities and colleges now offer online degree options
  • With class sizes of 30+ and so many government initiatives to adhere to, teachers simply don’t have the energy, time nor resources to give enough individual attention to each pupil
  • 10% of students remember something if they read it. 30% of students remember something if they listened. 80% of students remember something if they talked about what they had just learned.

Both Sarah and Lucy have found the tutors to be fantastic. They have benefited from the lessons in many ways especially in their confidence and interest. Sarah now actually enjoys French and is doing really well in it, whereas before she just wanted to give it up! Once again, many thanks to you all.


Parent of MTC Students

Kerry has now finished her lessons; we can’t believe it! Your tutors have made such a huge difference to her studies and have both been lovely to work with. They sent through slides and prepared for each session in advance and helped Kerry to see that she did actually enjoy Psychology & English! Thanks so much for all your support and organising in the office too.


Parent of MTC Student