What is a UCI Number?

What is a UCI Number?

Unique Candidate Identifier (UCI)

The Unique Candidate Identifier (UCI number) is a 12-digit number followed by one capital letter. Its purpose is to enable all of your exam results which you have taken throughout your exam career, at any centre through any awarding body, to be accumulated together, accurately and fully, under your name.

  • If you have not taken any examinations since 1998 you may not have a UCI number. If you do not have a UCI number we will allocate one to you.
  • If you have taken exams since 1998 at another centre it is vital that you use the same UCI number for exams that you take with Macclesfield Tutorial College, or at any other exam centre in the future.

Where will I find my UCI number?

The number will be shown on previous statements of entry or statement of results issued by an examination board. You can recognise the number because it will probably start with the 5-digit Centre Number where you first took your exams.

If you are unsure, please contact your previous centre.

What do I do if I am entering exams through two centres?

If you are entering some components of your exams through Macclesfield Tutorial College and others through a distance learning centre, you must use the same UCI number for all of your exams, so that your marks are added up for the final grade. If you already have a UCI number, you must not allow the distance learning centre to allocate a new one.

What do I do if I discover that I have two UCI numbers?

Just let us know, as soon as you find out, and we will contact the examination boards for you. Usually, the UCI number which was issued first will be the one which you keep.