Being a Private Exam Candidate

The typical path to UK education involves enrolling in school, college, or university.  Exams are a common part of the learning process and overseen by a place of education.

More students are choosing not to take this conventional route and to instead study independently and enter exams as “private exam candidates”.

Being a private exam candidate usually means that you’re pursuing your education independently of a school or college setting.  This might be’s for personal development, career advancement, or other reasons.

The motivations behind the decision for independent study vary.  Some students may be home schooled, others may seek to enhance their qualifications or acquire new skills as a mature student.  Others may learn a new subject for fun.  Private exam candidates are typically self-motivated individuals who value autonomy and flexibility in their learning journey.

One of the significant advantages of being a private exam candidate is the flexibility it offers. Students can choose when and where to study.  They can adapt their learning to their own pace and preferences. This personalised approach to education allows them to delve deeper into subjects that interest them and spend less time on material they’ve already mastered.

It may appear daunting to enter exams as a private candidate.  Navigating the administration of applying for exams does require planning.  MTC is here to help make the process as transparent and pain-free as possible.

We have a wealth of information on our website to help you make the right decisions and to ensure that you understand what’s required of you throughout the process. There is a lot to take in so please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or would benefit from a discussion with one of our staff about your options.

When private candidates successfully complete their exams, the sense of achievement is immense. They have overcome numerous obstacles and challenges to reach their goals. Their accomplishments are a testament to their dedication and resilience.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Why do I need GCSE Maths?

Students know that having a GCSE Maths qualification opens up a wide range of opportunities for further education and career prospects. Many universities and employers require a minimum level of Maths qualifications, and GCSE Maths is often a prerequisite for advanced courses or job applications. By attaining a pass in GCSE Maths, you are increasing your chances of accessing higher education and securing better job prospects.

But why is Maths deemed to be so important in the academic world?

Maths is not just another subject to learn in school or college; it is a vital tool that helps us navigate through our daily lives and to make sense of the world around us. From simple tasks like calculating food expenses to more complex activities like managing household finances, understanding mathematical concepts is essential.

With a good understanding of Maths, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions throughout your life.  When calculating the distance between two locations, determining the quickest route for a car journey, or figuring out the best deals while browsing holidays, Maths helps you to find the best available options.

Maths is also vital for personal financial management. From budgeting to investing, understanding mathematical concepts is crucial for making wise financial decisions. It helps us calculate interest rates, understand loan terms for a car or a mortgage, and helps us to analyse investment opportunities. Without basic Maths skills, it would be challenging to manage our finances effectively.

A GCSE in Maths is not just a subject for academic purposes, it is a valuable skill set that can benefit you in many ways.

Whether you pursue a career in a Maths-related field or not, the knowledge and skills gained from studying GCSE Maths will enhance your problem-solving abilities and open up doors to various opportunities throughout life.

Online & Face-to-face tuition at MTC

Online or face-to-face tuition?

At Macclesfield Tutorial College we offer both online and face-to-face tuition.  We know that learners have different styles and that some prefer one option over the other.  There are points to consider when making an informed decision about what might be best for you.


  1. What is your learning style?

Whilst some students thrive in face-to-face settings with direct interaction with a teacher, others are more comfortable learning independently online and in their own environment.


  1. How busy is your schedule?

Online tuition can offer great flexibility and convenience. Students can access lessons from anywhere with an internet connection.  Online learning is a good option for those with busy schedules and other commitments outside their learning.


  1. Does social interaction matter to you?

Think about the importance of social interaction in your learning journey. Face-to-face tuition allows for in-person social interaction, which can be valuable for some students but less important to others.


  1. Does your subject lend itself to online learning?

The subject you’re studying may also influence your choice. Some subjects, such as laboratory-based sciences, may be better suited for face-to-face instruction, while others can be effectively taught online.  Keep in mind that a blended approach, combining both online and face-to-face tuition when appropriate, can also be a viable option for many students.


  1. What are your future goals?

Consider your long-term goals. If you anticipate needing strong online communication and self-directed learning skills in your future career, online tuition may offer additional benefits.


Ultimately, the choice between online and face-to-face tuition should align with your individual needs. It’s essential to weigh these factors carefully and choose the option that best supports your learning and educational goals.

A Level Science Practical Endorsement Classes 2022 / 2023

In addition to our tailor-made, one to one science practicals packages, we also offer A Level Science Practical Endorsement classes.

An A level science practical class with Macclesfield Tutorial College gives applicants the opportunity to attempt the Practical Endorsement for the JCQ examination boards – AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC/Eduqas – or to prepare for the practical component of the Cambridge International A Level science qualifications.

A comprehensive package

A class includes four consecutive days of laboratory time including the recommended 12 practical activities. This covers the required skills and techniques for the A Level Practical Endorsement with each of the JCQ awarding bodies. Our classes are supervised by one of our professional and enthusiastic tutors, who each has vast experience administering A Level qualifications with each of the main UK examination boards.


When can I do a class?

Confirmed class dates for this academic year are as follows.

  1. BIOLOGY 24th – 27th October 2022
  2. PHYSICS: 20th – 23rd February 2023
  3. CHEMISTRY: 3rd – 6th April 2023


For Full terms and conditions, please see our A Level Practicals page: PRACTICAL ENDORSEMENT CLASSES WITH MTC

OCR Advance information – November 2022 Examinations

To support student revision, OCR have published advance information for the November 2022 assessments in GCSE English Language (J351) and GCSE Mathematics (J560).

Please note, advance information for November 2022 is different from the advance information for summer 2022 – please make sure you’re using the correct version.

You can view and download the advance information for November 2022 via the following link:

OCR November 2022 Exams advanced information

Pearson Edexcel Advance Information – November 2022 Examinations

Following the summer 2022 adaptations consultation, the Department for Education and Ofqual confirmed that advance information will also be provided for the November 2022 series of exams in GCSE English language and mathematics. For the GCSE mathematics exams in November 2022, formulae sheets will also be provided. These formulae sheets are the same as those provided for the May/June 2022 series.

The advance information for November 2022 is different from the May/June series and relates specifically to the November resit content. As with the May/June 2022 advance information, it will provide information about the focus of some of the content that will be included in the November exam papers, to help students manage their exam preparation.

Pearson Edexcel November 2022 Exams advance information GCSE English Language 1EN0_AN

Pearson Edexcel Novemeber 2022 Exams advance information GCSE Mathematics 1MA1 AN

Pearson Edexcel November 2022 Exams advance information GCSE English Language 2 1EN2 AN

Advance Subject Support for 2022 GCSE, AS and A level Exam Candidates

Support for Exams in Summer 2022.
A subject-by-subject overview of the support being provided for students taking GCSEs, AS and A levels in Summer 2022 is now available. This support should provide a safety net for students who may have been impacted by the pandemic.

Summer 2022 Exam Entry Deadline

If you are hoping to take GCSEs or A Levels this summer, February the 14th 2022 is the MTC deadline for entry . Many subjects are  booking up fast. Contact us today to apply and secure your place. Call +441625 501440 or apply online.

Ofqual letters to students and private candidates about arrangements for GCSEs, AS and A levels in 2022

The Chief Regulator at Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) has written open letters about arrangements for the assessment of GCSEs, AS and A Levels in 2022.

These apply to both school taught students and private candidates alike.

Read more to best prepare and please contact us with any questions.