Online Tuition with MTC

Online Tuition with MTC

Online Lessons: The Convenient and Cost Effective Way to Access Tuition from MTC

Online lessons offer the full benefits of face to face tuition with the added convenience of being able to participate in a lesson from literally anywhere with an internet connection and, preferably, a screen, webcam and microphone.

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Online GCE Tutor

If you’re studying towards your GCSEs or A Levels, most topics can be effectively taught online. Whether that is learning about algebra and geometry for GCSE Maths, or analysing Shakespeare and modern poetry for A Level English Literature, an online lesson facilitates discussion with your tutor and the sharing of ideas, both verbally and visually. Both student and tutor log in to a virtual classroom and (assuming you have the use of a webcam) are able to see and talk to each other as if they were in the same room.

Maths Tutor GCSE

For maths lessons, a digital visualiser enables the tutor to share diagrams, charts and other visuals as if they were drawing on a whiteboard in front of you. Screen-sharing technology also allows both tutor and student to share their computer screen and better illustrate a point being made or work being done.

GCE English Tutor Online

Online tuition is also successful with more creative subjects, such as English Language and English Literature. Annotated scripts can be shared on screen, ideas can be discussed, and essays submitted all within the online, virtual classroom.

Science Online Tutors

Even science can be supported with online lessons. With the ever increasing expectation that students develop practical science skills and techniques at both GCSE and A Level, it is inescapable that some lessons will need to be conducted in a laboratory environment. However, we find that a supporting program of online lessons, covering the more theoretical elements of the syllabus can be beneficial.

Cost Effective and Safe Tuition

Online lessons with Macclesfield Tutorial College are not only convenient, they are also increasingly accessible as they represent a cost saving when compared to traditional, face to face tuition. Not only are transport costs removed since you are not obliged to come into the college, but there is also a reduced hourly rate for online lessons.

All tutors with MTC are DBS checked and, with online lessons, you have the added security of all lessons being recorded and stored. Should there be any reason to review what was discussed in a lesson, a recording can be accessed. This also serves as a handy study aid as lesson recordings can be used as a revision aid at a later date to review concepts and ideas discussed.

If you haven’t yet tried online lessons with us and are unsure how they may work for you, contact us for a no-commitment discussion about how we can help you.

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