Covid-19 Update – 13th January 2021

Covid-19 Update – 13th January 2021

In order to keep everyone informed, please find enclosed a summary of the current situation.


Macclesfield Tutorial College is currently closed, in line with government directives and all our staff are doing their best to work remotely to ensure the on-going support of our students, exam candidates and other customers. We continue to offer high quality and effective tuition in most levels and subjects, and are also still accepting examination applications.

We are unable to accept telephone calls so please email us at [email protected] if you have any urgent questions or concerns.

MTC Students following full or part time study courses

We are continuing to offer support to all of our students. Most students have now moved onto a timetable of online lessons but there are alternative solutions should that not be an option. Please contact us to discuss what is best for you so that you do not miss out on valuable tuition time. We will keep you informed of progress with lessons and are striving to maintain existing timetables wherever possible.

Students receiving supporting tuition

If you wish to continue your lessons, please let us know. Depending upon tutor availability, we may be able to offer online lessons. Many students have already moved to online lessons and continue to benefit from high quality tuition from our experienced tutors. Contact us for more information.

Examination candidates

All summer 2021 GCSE and A Level exams have been cancelled. This is true for each of the UK exam boards and for all centres nationally. At this stage, IGCSE exams are still going ahead as intended and MTC will offer these exams (subject to Covid related government guidance).

As with the previously cancelled Summer 2020 exam series, Macclesfield Tutorial College will do everything possible to support candidates entered with us. We advise that candidates should gather evidence of their work which might be used as evidence to support a Centre Assessed Grade. Should the same process for calculating grades as was used in 2020 be utilised this year, evidence of study and ability will be critical. In order to receive a grade, candidates will need to be able to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Candidates should have a qualified, independent third party who can provide a predicted grade for them and authenticate all submitted evidence. This should be a tutor/teacher who will need to supply their credentials for MTC to validate. A family member is not permitted to submit a grade nor authenticate.
  • There is a sufficient body of evidence of the candidate’s work which can be submitted to us to support the candidate’s ability to achieve the predicted grade. This should be candidate’s work which has been assessed/marked by the tutor and can be in the form of mock exams, past papers, coursework, and classwork/work completed during lessons. MTC reserves the right to amend a submitted grade if the evidence does not support it.

We are closely monitoring the situation and, as more information becomes available, we will communicate with our candidates. We are also lobbying to ensure that private candidates are taken into account during this process.

If a candidate is not able to satisfy the above criteria, they should contact us directly at [email protected] and we will advise of the available options.

Stay safe and healthy.

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