Summer 2021 Assessed grade Process

Summer 2021 Assessed grade Process

Deadline for submission of assessed grades and portfolios of work: 

Friday, 30th April 2021  

(MTC cannot guarantee that grades and portfolios received after this deadline will be processed, which may result in no grade being entered)

 If your tutor has not done so already, they should contact MTC to have their credentials validated. We are obliged to confirm that they are qualified to assess a grade on your behalf, and they should be prepared to provide a copy of their CV and/or copies of relevant qualifications.

All assessed grades, tutor declaration sheets and supporting portfolios of work must be submitted to MTC by your tutor 

 Your tutor should submit a completed copy of the MTC Summer 2021 Tutor Declaration Form (please email [email protected] for a copy) and the complete portfolio of supporting work. Please make sure that your tutor has a copy of this form, and that they have been made aware of the following submission guidelines.

  • the supporting portfolio must be provided to MTC electronically at [email protected]
  • student work for submission must be collated by the tutor and the complete portfolio provided to MTC in a single submission
  • Each piece of work included in the portfolio must have a filename which includes the student name and subject, as a minimum, to ensure that they are easily distinguishable (For example: JaneDoe_Maths_Paper1.doc)
  • Each piece of work in the portfolio must have been assessed by your tutor and include a clear indication of the mark/grade awarded
  • All work, including any annotations, must be legible. Please check before sending.

Finally, once received, please ensure that you have also read the explanatory notes contained within the Tutor Declaration Form. In particular, please note that where the portfolio submitted clearly does not support the assessed grade provided, MTC reserves the right to enter a U (Unclassified) grade, or to submit no grade.

Best of luck with your ongoing studies.

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