Macclesfield Tutorial College – The Private Exams Centre

Macclesfield Tutorial College – The Private Exams Centre

Private candidates from all walks of life for the last 20 years

Macclesfield Tutorial College is offering November, January and Summer Examination Entries to home schooled, distance learning and all private candidates for the 20th year.

Local Authorities

The College is experienced working closely with local authorities across the country to provide tuition and examinations for their clients, including cared for children, children in need, or individuals with SEND. For instance, the College has facilitated examinations for students confined to their homes through physical, emotional or mental difficulties.

Distance Learning

Additionally, individuals enrolled on distance learning or online learning programs can apply to sit GCSE/A Level or university organised examinations at our centre. Distance learning courses are increasingly popular, with the widespread availability of internet-enabled devices and reliable and fast internet connections. However, many learning agencies do not offer a facility for learners to take the final exams required to earn to overall qualification. Furthermore, some qualifications, such as the sciences, modern foreign languages or ICT, include controlled tests which require attendance at a physical facility which online agencies typically do not provide. Macclesfield Tutorial College accepts private candidates needing to undertake any such controlled tests and offers facilities for science practicals, language orals and other controlled tests.


MTC has successfully partnered with training companies and apprenticeship agencies and conducted examinations for 16-19 students on behalf of their employers or other organisations. Exam sittings usually take place at our centre or on the commercial property according to need and suitability.


For further information related to taking exams with Macclesfield Tutorial College, please visit our website – MTC Private Exam Centre. Alternatively, contact us directly for a discussion about how we can help you or your organisation – Contact Details.

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